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Hey Guys & Gals,

My name is Shane McAnally and I decided to  jump on the blogging trend because hey! I think I have a cool life lol. Think about this blog as my diary. I obviously wouldn’t post things that have no benefit to myself or you guys, so you can always expect to find a gem or nugget you can apply to your life. Before I start posting though heres some basic info about me:

  • 25 year old male
  • Living in Alberta Canada
  • Lives with his amazing mother and wife.
  • Goes to University studying to go into Engineering Systems Management at Masdar University in the UAE.
  • Passionate about renewable/sustainable energy, nature, business, and religion.

As I type this I can literally feel the excitement of starting this blog and where it can go. Stay tuned guys, my next post (typing it up right now) will be about one of the hardest times I have ever had in my life. Hints: Basement, eczema, construction :)…..can yall guess what it could be?



Shane McAnally

Mold Growth – The Silent Health Killer In Our Basement


As you already know, my name is Shane Mcanally, and I’d like to start off the this blog by sharing something personal that I experienced alongside my wife not too long ago. This story I can easily consider one of the hardest/most challenging times of my life which is why I am starting off with it. I sincerely believe that God tests those who he loves.

So, When my wife and I first got married a few years ago, we thought we should commemorate our unification with – you guessed it – a house; a place where we can begin our journey together as a family and welcome children into. The house was quaint; it had two levels with a finished basement suite – or so we thought. Once we got it inspected and declared safe to live in, we moved our belongings in. Because it was just the two of us, we decided to move into the basement suite and rent the top half of the house. We continued to live like that for the next year and half.


During that time, we both began to experience some weird health changes; my wife began to constantly get sick, almost once every 2-3 weeks, and my eczema (click here to find out what eczma is about) began to flare up, which led to continuous topical steroid application and scarring. I couldn’t understand why that was happening, as my eczema barely ever moved from my hands and tended to flare up only during the cold months. We both decided to play it off as stress from our work life and tried to eat more healthy and exercise frequently. Unfortunately, things just continued to get worse and worse for myself, but luckily, my wife seemed to be benefitting from the healthy meals and workouts.


Come May 2015, my eczema had reached its peak. After seeing multiple doctors and specialists, they all gave me the same answer, ‘It’s not curable, just keep taking the topical steroids.’ I was so desperate I labelled it due to a food sensitivity so I went on a crazy diet that eliminated all possible food allergens and slowly reintroduced one food item at a time to see what exactly I was reacting too. This whole time, my mother-in-law told me multiple times that the house may have mold in it and that I should get it cleaned up by a Mould Remediation Edmonton AB specialists . I shrugged off her suggestion due to the fact that we got an inspection done when we first bought the house almost a year ago. So what could change within a year’s time, I naively thought.

However, my wife was really adamant on moving out into an apartment and getting a full inspection done, just in case. So of course, I obliged. Once we got the results back, I was dumbfounded. MOLD EVERYWHERE! In the wall, in the floors, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the laundry room, in our bedroom, EVERYWHERE! How on earth did that happen?! Well, turns out, the previous homeowners renovated the basement themselves, and did an extremely poor job with the insulation, but they made the exterior look very immaculate. But one things for sure: my mother in law – who happens to watch lots of home renovation shows – was right. Who knew.

Moldy Basement

Mold & Mildew

Because it was a severe case, we immediately searched up Mould Removal Edmonton Alberta and within a matter of days they had the whole house evacuated and stripped. Overall, the whole mold growth took them about two weeks to remove all the mold, re-insulate, and put up the drywall. I’ve got to hand it to them, they did an amazing job within a short period of time. We also got the basement renovated and structured to our liking by another company, so that was definitely a huge plus. We are now settled and in, and I’ve got to say, it’s good to be home! If you are going through any random health changes when moving into a new house or place of residence then I would highly reccomend using the Best Mold Removal directory guide as a resource in finding the top abatement companies in your locality for the cheapest prices.